Sunday, June 21, 2009

Premiere Plongee - First Dive

Hello everyone!
I decided to go through the Open Water PADI dive course before going on holidays in France later this summer.
Yes, that's right. I am picking up Diving! He he..
To be fair, I have been postponing it for about 6-7 years now. We live in one of the best places for divers, with litterally hundreds of outstanding diving sites in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines..

The PADI open water course, is the most basic diving course out there, but enough to enjoy diving in open waters in daylight (no night diving, no cave diving, no deep-diving..). It consists in:
1/ a theory test (easy, 2-3 evening lessons, plus a book to read)
2/ a set of pool sessions (5-6h in the water overall..)
3/ practical skills in actual diving environments (also rather easy if you can get your buoyancy right)
.. and so I went to Tioman for a great diving week end last week. What a great idea that was!

Tioman is a small island on the east cost of Malaysia, a 6-7 hours journey from Singapore (depending on the boat you take, and the amount of time you spend at the Singapore border..). It offers multiple diving spots: from Ship wreck to Car Wreck (yup!! I saw it myself.. how did a car end up down there..), as well as great marine life.

The village in Tioman is revolving around Divers and diving life. Waterfront active duringthe week end, the back absolutely quiet and peaceful.. :)

People do not usually go to Tioman for swimming, but it offers also some pretty nice beaches. :)

... and some interesting finds! I never thought I'd see a "spongebob Moped" in my life. I can now die happy! ;P

"Go places, Meet People, Do things" did they say when taking the Diving course. They are absolutely right.

I would recommend it to all of us in or visiting Asia. There are so many great sites for diving here.