Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lion Dance - ライオンダンス

Bonjour a tous! Nous revoici donc pour une courte entree sur une tradition tres Asiatique: la Dance du Lion.

La dance du Lion est tres facile a remarquer. Si vous n'arrivez plus a vous entendre discuster en raison d'un vacarme de cymbales et de tambour.. vous y etes! Il y a une Dance du Lion pas tres loin.

Hello everyone, today a short entry about a very Asian tradition: the Lion dance. If you walk with your friends in the streets of Singapore, and can't here a thing of what they are saying anymore. Don't look further: you found a Lion dance!


Il y a deux types de dance du Lion Chinoise: celle de la chine du Nord, avec un lion bien colore, et dont la dance servait a plaire a l'empereur. Celle de la dance du sud, cherchant a exorciser les mauvais esprits.

There are two types of Lion dance: the "cosmetique type" (north China dance), with multi-colored lions, and the "southern type", to exorcise evil spirits.


C'est cette tradition que suit singapour. A l'ouverture d'un nouveau magasin, une dance du Lion pour porter chance et chasser les mauvais esprits est toujours bienvenue. Vous reconnaitrez ce Lion a ses grands yeux, ses couleurs jaunes/rouges et sa petite corne brillante au milieu du front (voir photo ci contre)

It is the latter tradition that follows Singapore: a lion, usually with large eyes, a small shiny horn (see left picture - click to expand) and with red or Yellow colors. The lion dance is especially popular at the opening of a new store to bring good luck and chase away the evil spirits.

Ne confondez pas la dance du Lion et la dance du Dragon! La dance du lion se fait par equipes de 2 danceurs pour chaque Lion, supportez par des tambours et cymbales.
La dance du dragon necessite un tres grand espace et une equipe d'une quinzaine de danseurs.

Do not mix the lion dance, which usually has teams of 2 dancers per Lion and a few musicians, compared to the Dragon dance, which is ceremonial and usually requires 15 or more dancers on a large open space.

Si vous passez a Singapour, vous aurez peut-etre l'occasion de voir une dance du lion!

If you come to Singapore (or HK), listen carefully for cymbnals and drums.. and you will maybe have the chance to see one for yourself!


A bientot!


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Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking for a place to stay in Burgundy (France)? フランスの田舎に泊まりたい?

Bonjour a tous! Cette entree ne sera malheureusement pas en Francais. A bientot pour l'entree suivante :)

Hello everyone!
For once an entry with no (or little) french in it! Quite a few friends ask me regularly where they should stay when visiting France. I would like to recommend in this entry an original way to visit France (and Burgundy): renting an appartment in a village rich with traditions.


When my friend first told me a few years back that he was going back to France to live in Pommard -burgundy-, I was absolutely surprised. "Pommard, what a great idea" I thought. When he announced me a few years later that he would be moving on to another country (for career reason), I wondered what would happen to his flat.

Well, there it is, up for rental for the traveler who wants to get away from the Buzz of the city and experience French traditions in our Burgundy countryside.

ブルゴーニュ(Bourgogne)はパリとコートダジュール(Cote d'Azur)の間にあります。スイスから2時間ぐらい。まぁ、ワインはおいしくって、田舎を満喫できるところです。 

Burgundy is a Region ideally located between Paris and the Riviera (South); 2-3 hours away from Switzerland, it is a great place to relax, enjoy Nature and great wines! Click on the map to expand.

Pommard is one of these villages at the heart of Burgundy. It gained in popularity thanks to its world class quality wine.
The trouble for many a tourist is to decide where to stop in a country that they don't know, with inhabitants not always very good at English.

The advantage of this residence is that several tenants are foreigners, and english is not an issue. Moreover, you can contact the owner directly and start establishing a Trust relationship before you even started to travel. I wish I could do that more often here in Singapore ;)


The appartment itself is a traditional appartment: wooden beams and creaking joins, but in excellent and clean condition. Renting the appartment for a week might be a little pricy for one single individual, but as a Family, it is definitely a steal! I'd definitely recommend it to all travelers who want to experience the quieter side of France, with its countryside culture and traditions.

僕の友達の所、今年から宿泊できるようになりました。ほら、写真を見てください。素敵でしょう!そこの田舎に一週間ぐらい泊まりたくない? それとオーナーは英語がペラペラ。

If you want to know more about the property, the rates and get in touch with the owner, here is the website:



Below a few pictures to let you salivate..  

Enjoy your holidays in France!